The Cabaret Diamond

This character is an elegant and stylish Las Vegas Entertainer and Master of Ceremonies from the early hey-days days of Las Vegas. Dressed in his finest wear and adorned in thousands of rhinestones Christian Diamond portrays a historic look back into the thriving days and wild frolicking nights of this mobster loving, rhinestone and feathered city of sin called Las Vegas.

Alas, Las Vegas of today no longer has the small and intimate cabarets showrooms of yester year, but they do have The Christian Diamond to carry on this bright and rich tradition. His style is a look back at a time when the famous casinos of the Las Vegas strip offered late night cabaret entertainment by some of the world's finest entertainers.

If Elegance, Sophistication, and the finer things in Life appeal to you then the Magic of the black tie and slinky evening gowns atmosphere of this character and his show will transport you into a bygone age of Magic.

Come to this show if you like your Champagne & Caviar well-chilled.

Black Diamond

This character can only be described as a well-traveled man of the world, but dark … very Dark … Maybe a mysterious Count or Duke, A Noble of obscure origins or The Hidden Sorcerer. This suave, mysterious & elegant Aristocratic is an eccentric and a truly eclectic mix that is the Presenter of the darker facets of unseen worlds.

He transports his audiences on a spirited tour of the bizarre and. along the way, introduces them to friends from both sides of the vale. Past & present!!!!

Haunted antiques, magical artifacts, mummies, and the untapped dark powers of the occult. Halloween? Ghost Whisperer? Things that go bump in the night and in broad daylight? Who's to say that Halloween comes but only once a year? How does the invisible Hand tap you on your shoulder? What enchantment lies in a yet unopened Book of Spells?

Leave your logic & rational mind at home when you attend this show! The inexplicable is King!

The Man Called Diamond

This character has been described as a smooth talking gentleman/gambler of sport and opportunities. Similar to the 60's TV series "Maverick". Elegant, sophisticated but with more than a hint of a Derringer up his sleeve and a single action Colt 45 strapped to his left thigh , The Man Called Diamond takes his audiences on a journey back into the frontier past of raucous, Wild, Wild West. A Wild West of gamblin' halls, saloon and Saloon gals.

The audience takes part in this adventure show as seen from behind a deck of 53 pasteboards. A deck of cards! Obscure skills, gamblin' moves, cheatin' & deception are the order of this show. All conducted at a smooth, slick pace on a Faro game table.

You won't know what happens until it has! Swirling Entertainment.

A word of advice. Don't take his bets. You'll lose!!

Your Master of Ceremonies Diamond

As your master of ceremonies, skilled at introducing and showcasing people, products, and organization, as well as covering for that unscheduled hiccups of an evening's production. Probably one of the most intriguing individuals you're guest will ever meet.

With his own unique style of Las Vegas fabulous, charm, and flare, your evenings festivities will be elevated to new heights, intern valuing the featured individual(s) and or product(s), showcased that evening that much higher. Ladies and gentlemen, direct from Las Vegas Nevada the entertainment capitol of the world. "The Gem of Sin City" Christian Diamond.

The Corporate & Private Function Diamond

When the need arises for a special and unforgettable evening for clients, friends or family then a European style close-up / parlor show is what you're looking for. The evening's entertainment will consist of some of the finest close up magical artistry.

If you'd like a little more, the addition of parlor style magic seldom performed here in the United States. If that was not special enough it can be arranged that the person of your chose or company's product to be featured in the evenings magical presentation giving the show that once in a lifetime experience you've been looking for.